Elisabeth Hasselbeck Silences Joy Behar by Pointing Out Bush is Just as Well Educated as Obama

Joy Behar on Monday's "The View" crowed about Barack Obama being "a very intelligent guy" because he went to Harvard Law School and Columbia University.

Without skipping a beat, Elisabeth Hasselbeck marvelously asked, "Then doesn't that make President Bush very smart as well then? Yeah?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: In this country where Americans are supposed to be Americans, we have a group of people who after fact after fact after fact. It wouldn’t, if it was like a question that nobody knew the answer. But they have gotten the answer 500 million times and they're still asking the same dumb question. This is not about anything but crap. 

In case you couldn't tell, the ladies were once again talking about Donald Trump and Obama's birth certificate:

JOY BEHAR: And every time they ask it, his numbers go up every time he brings it up. 

BARBARA WALTER: What are they trying to do? Have him take an office, haha, he was born in Kenya, he should not be president, we should have a new election! 

SHERRI SHEPHERD: Mike Huckabee even said if they would, Hillary Clinton’s camp would have gotten him on that if he was not born in this country. 

GOLDBERG: Forget Hillary Clinton’s camp. How about the people that actually do that work to make sure that everyone who is running for president is, is a citizen? Because this idea that, I don’t know, but the thing that there must be something wrong, and, you know, he cheated. You know this is all B.S. This is all B.S. 

JOY BEHAR: You know what else he said? He said that the first book "Dreams from my Father" was written by this guy Ayers, this guy that they hate, that made a big to-do-da, and that the second book that Obama wrote was written by like a high school graduate or something. President Obama went to Harvard Law School and Columbia University, okay? He is a very intelligent guy. 

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Then doesn't that make President Bush very smart as well then? Yeah?


GOLDBERG: And on that note we will be right back. 

BEHAR: She got me on that one.

At least Behar admitted she was gotten.

Wouldn't it be nice if the rest of the media that have been ridiculing Bush as an idiot while holding Obama up as the smartest president in history would recognize that they both have advanced degrees from Harvard?

A conservative can dream, can he?

Brava, Elisabeth. Brava!

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