WaPo's Dana Milbank Calls Wisconsin Gov. Walker a Hooligan

Dictionary.com defines "hooligan" as a ruffian or hoodlum.

This is what the Washington Post's Dana Milbank called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in his Sunday column:

Walker thought he was talking to a patron, conservative billionaire David Koch, but thanks to the amateurish management that seems to be a hallmark of his governorship, he was instead being punked by an impostor from a liberal Web site. [...]

"I don't budge," Walker promised the fake Koch. He explained that he would increase pressure on state workers by threatening thousands of them with layoffs. He considered planting instigators in the crowd, he said, and he might offer to talk to Democrats - but only as a ruse to get them to return. "I'm not negotiating," he said.

These are not the words of a statesman. These are the words of a hooligan.

If politicians that stick to their principles and refuse to negotiate with opponents are hooligans, some of America's most revered historical figures could be so depicted.

Milbank continued to define his terms:

[Walker] called President Obama's health-care reform an "unprecedented power grab," but once in office he launched his own grab by attempting to end collective bargaining for public workers

But Walker's not trying to end collective bargaining for public workers. He wants to restrict it to wages.

As NewsBusters has been reporting since this battle began in Wisconsin, liberal media members have consistently ignored this fact thereby distorting the truth to advance their agenda.

As we can now add Milbank to this dishonorable list, does that make him a hooligan?

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.