MSNBC Misspells 'O'Reilly' in 'Last Word' Segment Bashing the Fox Star

The geniuses at MSNBC actually misspelled Bill O'Reilly's last name during a lengthy opening segment Monday bashing the Fox News star's interview with President Obama the previous day.

For the first minute and a half of the ten and a half minute "Last Word" piece, the graphic on a television screen behind and to the right of host Lawrence O'Donnell read "Interruptus O'Reilyus" (video follows with commentary):

Shouldn't that have read "Interruptus O'Reillyus" with two Ls?

Certainly, these kinds of mistakes happen often on cable networks in their news crawls as well as hastily prepared chyrons.

But a graphic prepared well before airtime to be shown on screen for 90 seconds?

Readers are reminded these are the same geniuses constantly ridiculing the intellectual capacity of conservative women such as former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.).

What's that saying about glass houses?

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