Chris Matthews Tells Liberal Website Editor 'I'm Falling in Love With You'

Chris Matthews on Thursday got another thrill going up his leg, but this time it wasn't for President Obama.

During a "Hardball" segment dealing with Sen. Joe Lieberman's (D-Conn.) announcement to not seek reelection in 2012, Matthews told Josh Marshall, the editor and founder of the perilously liberal website Talking Points Memo, "I'm falling in love with you" (video follows with transcript):

JOSH MARSHALL, TALKING POINTS MEMO: I think Lieberman believes that if he did it, it must be moral. I think that there’s some of that there, too.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The voice of the Oracle of Feebs (?). Thank you, sir. Josh Marshall, I’m falling in love with you. That is exactly it. If I’m there, and I’m moral, this is moral. This is going to be fought over in history. I thought Buchanan had the right question for him. I think his answer was unconsidered. Anyway, good luck Joe Lieberman and Hadassah.

Well, there you have it.

Apparently all you have to do is bash someone Matthews doesn't like and you'll become an object of his affection.

Not a very high standard, is it?

(H/T NB reader Aaron Chen)

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