James Carville Contests View Anger At Obama Is Racist

For well over a year, the media have been unashamedly claiming the anti-Obama sentiments sweeping the nation are all because the President is black.

According to Howard Kurtz, former Clinton adviser James Carville told Saturday's Innovators Summit in New Orleans that this is all nonsense:

The onetime Clinton strategist scoffed at suggestions that there's an unusually fierce anger at Obama in the country, and that some of it is race-related. In 1998, when Bill Clinton was in the process of getting himself impeached, Carville says people would come over and yell at him in airports.

Not the picture we've been hearing from so-called journalists for well over a year is it?

On another subject, Carville apparently was very nervous about the upcoming midterm elections:

If Election Day turns out to be a Category 3 hurricane, he declared—sounding as though he'd already had 20 cups of coffee—the Democrats will lose 30 to 40 House seats. If it's a Category 4, the New Orleans resident said, 50 seats will be swept away. And a Category 5 storm would be a complete wipeout.

What's more, the Ragin' Cajun told George Stephanopoulos and others on our panel, if his party loses the House, the Republicans, based on history, will take the Senate as well. 

Although this is something I've rarely said in the last twenty years, let's hope Carville is right.

James Carville
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