Maureen Dowd Hysterically Claims MSNBC Is Tearing Down Obama

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said Sunday MSNBC is tearing down President Obama.

More amazing than that, she was actually serious.

In her "No Love From The Lefties," Dowd bashed "progressives" for not staying on the President's bandwagon.

This includes MSNBC who she hysterically claimed "is trying to make its reputation by tearing down [Obama]":

One of the most disgusting things about Mitch McConnell and Jon Kyl, and now the former maverick John McCain, is that they are happy to be co-opted by the radicals in their party to form one movement against President Obama.

On the Republican side, the crazies often end up helping the Republican leadership. On the Democratic side, the radicals are constantly sniping at Obama, expressing their feelings of betrayal.

Fox built up a Republican president; MSNBC is trying to make its reputation by tearing down a Democratic one.

Assuming you haven't passed out from lack of oxygen during an uncontrollable fit of laughter, there's more:

The lefties came to the defense of the centrist Clinton during impeachment. Now that Obama is under attack, however, they are not coming to his defense, even though he has given more to the liberal cause than the scandal-stunted Clinton ultimately achieved.

He has shepherded the biggest expansion of social programs since the Great Society and spearheaded the biggest spending program with the stimulus. But for the left (and for some economists), it was not as big as it ought to have been.

Most telling was that Dowd earlier in the piece mentioned "Michael Kinsley's maxim that a gaffe is just truth slipping out" for the Times columnist was certainly letting her readers in on just how far she's willing to shill for the President she helped get elected.

More importantly, she will publicly scold her colleagues if necessary.

After all, MSNBC is still a devout Obama and Democrat supporter along with a unabashed conservative basher.

That some of its hosts have on occasion in the past year expressed disappointment with the President by no means qualifies the network as tearing him down.

Dowd herself has surprisingly addressed her own concerns for the current White House resident.

In June, she wrote about him being "thin-skinned and controlling." She even scolded, "Like many Democrats, he thinks the press is supposed to be on his side."

Is she the only liberal media member allowed to do so in her view, or are his plummeting poll numbers and a dismal midterm election cycle ahead changing Dowd's mind about she and her ilk ever being honest when it comes to this President? 

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