Gossip Cop: Rosie O'Donnell Gets New Show, NBC Wants 'Implosion' Out Clause

The rumor mill concerning Rosie O'Donnell landing a new daytime show heated up Monday when Gossip Cop reported the comedienne is in talks with NBC.

Apparently, the stumbling block is that the broadcasting company wants an out clause in case Rosie implodes like she did on ABC's "The View" three years ago.

As NewsBusters reported on May 23, 2007, O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into quite a fight about the war in Iraq that was so caustic it ended up being Rosie's last day on the show. She and ABC agreed to terminate her contract days later.

With this in mind, according to Gossip Cop, NBC isn't taking any chances:

The show, as we previously reported, is looking to launch in the fall of 2011, and will be produced by Robert F. Kennedy's documentary filmmaking daughter, Rory Kennedy, along with TV veterans Dick Robertson and Scott Carlin.

But there's one sticking point, says our impeccable insider.

According to our source, "NBC wants an out if she implodes like she did on ‘The View.'" 

If this is correct, one certainly can't blame NBC for wanting to hedge its bet.

On the other hand, if you're concerned about the behavior of someone you're entering into a contract with, isn't the wisest move to NOT put yourself in a position where said individual could end up embarrassing your organization?

As such, why is NBC even considering this risk given O'Donnell's background?

Maybe the folks at NBC ought to watch this before they sign:

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