ABC News Featured Video: 'Teens Hail Gay Prom King and Queen' on Saturday prominently featured a video about two gay students that won king and queen at their high school's prom.

"Hudson High, typical school with a typical senior prom, but not your every day prom king and queen," began an unidentified reporter.

"Meet Charlie Ferrusi and Tim Howard, class of 2010 prom royalty."

As the piece continued, an unidentified man said, "These are the kids that Dr. Martin Luther King was talking about. They don't see each other as black and white or gay and straight."

The reporter let viewers know, "Charlie and Tim won in a landslide vote. The reaction has been positive even among parents" (video follows with commentary, h/t NBer SkipperMLM):


For those looking for more on this subject, "Related Links" were provided to videos about: a gay student winning prom queen in Hollywood, California; a Catholic church in Hingham, Massachusetts, not accepting a student because his parents were lesbians, and; plans for a gay and lesbian high school in Chicago falling through.

For the record, the Associated Press also found this story newsworthy. 

Exit question: where does all this promotion of homosexuality by the media lead? 

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