Fox News Compares Media Coverage of Tea Parties and Immigration Protests

Fox News's Megyn Kelly Tuesday featured a marvelous comparison of how the media cover Tea Parties versus immigration protests.

As NewsBusters' Scott Whitlock reported Monday, ABC News logged dramatically different reports about the ObamaCare protests on Capitol Hill in March and the virtual riots that happened in Arizona after that state's governor signed a strict anti-illegal immigration law last Friday.

The former was depicted as "very ugly" while the latter, despite the number of riot police and arrests, was described as "mostly peaceful."

With this in mind, Kelly invited liberal talk radio host Mark Levine and conservative talk radio host Mike Gallagher to debate the disparity.

As you might imagine, Levine hysterically saw both reports as being accurate (video follows with commentary):


To be sure, we at NewsBusters are thrilled that others saw the same absurd hypocrisy in these reports as we did, but the bigger question is whether those responsible actually care.

As Hot Air's Allahpundit quipped Tuesday:

Note, too, how the Narrative has subtly changed: Previously the storyline was that those darned tea-party wingnuts could erupt in violence at any moment and now it's shifted to "sure, both sides are mostly peaceful, but..." More narrative-killing immigration protests, please! 

Sadly, Allah might get his wish, for if CNN's Jack Cafferty is right, we could be in for a long summer of immigration reform debate on Capitol Hill, which means more protests around the country.

The only questions remaining are how many people will need to be arrested -- and windows broken -- before such demonstrations are called "very ugly," and will Tea Partiers have to wear flowers in their hair while singing 'Kumbaya" to ever be considered "mostly peaceful?"

Stay tuned. 

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