David Shuster In Seriously Hot Water With MSNBC

David Shuster has once again found himself in trouble with his bosses at MSNBC.

After news leaked that he recently shot a pilot for CNN, Shuster was pulled from his 3 PM time slot on the cable network Friday apparently by head honcho Phil Griffin.

According to Gail Shister over at TVNewser, "Griffin, vacationing in Florida, ripped Shuster a new one over the phone" (h/t NBer armyfool1):

Shuster won't be on the air today for his 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. shows, according to MSNBC insiders. Whether he returns before his contract expires in December is up for debate.

Shuster's last appearance was at 10 a.m. Friday. MSNBC boss Phil Griffin pulled him from his 3 p.m. gig after learning, via The New York Observer, that the anchor had recently shot a pilot for CNN without having informed his bosses.

Griffin, vacationing in Florida, ripped Shuster a new one over the phone, network sources say. A repeat performance is expected today in the office.

It's not the first steel cage match between Shuster and Griffin, but it may be the last.

Shuster was suspended in February 2008 when he said Chelsea Clinton was being pimped out by her presidential candidate mother.  

More recently, MSNBC reprimanded Shuster in January for his Twitter comments about ACORN-exposing James O'Keefe. 

Will this be strike three?

Stay tuned. 

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