Malzberg Rips Scarborough For Bush-Newsweek Crop Out: 'Conservative My Butt'

Conservative radio host Steve Malzberg on Wednesday laid into MSNBC and Joe Scarborough for cropping George W. Bush out of the cover of Newsweek.

As NewsBusters reported, "Morning Joe" earlier that day showed a picture of the Newsweek cover altered to omit former President Bush's face from the shot.

"Big conservative Joe Scarborough. Big conservative my butt," said an angry Malzberg.

"They know no shame," he continued. "Good thing Obama keeps having those hosts over to the White House for little private meetings" (audio available here, transcript below the fold):

STEVE MALZBERG, HOST: Alright, ladies and gentlemen. Our friends at NewsBusters have pointed this out. On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show, they showed the cover of Newsweek, a little Paul Simon - "We's all on the cover of Newsweek". Well, it says, "Victory at Last: the Emergence of a Democratic Iraq." And it featured, the cover, the real cover of Newsweek, features a picture of George W. Bush walking the deck of an aircraft carrier. But the image of Newsweek that appeared on the screen on MSNBC cropped out President Bush's face. It showed Bush on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003, after his mission accomplished speech, and MSNBC, it includes half of Bush's body and face, the real cover. MSNBC further cropped the image to leave only the arm of the former President visible.

Now, we posted both of these at the website at, the new, the link to the NewsBusters story, But do you understand, do you understand what I'm saying? Big conservative Joe Scarborough. Big conservative my butt. And they crop out Bush's face. Now, am I shocked? Well, I'm a little shocked because this is a Newsweek cover. But it didn't stop the bastards at MSNBC from doing it now, did it? They know no shame. They know no shame. Good thing Obama keeps having those hosts over to the White House for little private meetings. Who knows what they'll crop out next? Maybe the American flag.


Bravo, Steve. Bravo.

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.