Recommends Video of Tree Carved Into a Penis

The CBS News website Friday not only published a video of a tree carved into the shape of a penis, but someone deemed it important enough to put it at the site's recommended videos list.

The story was originally broadcast by Phoenix, Arizona, ABC affiliate KNXV, and was about a man in Tempe whose friends played a joke on him.

Days later, CBS's Phoenix affiliate KPHO apparently aired an edited version of the segment now available at

According to the blurb at YouTube, "[Adam Starr] says he asked some friends to help him out, but a mix of alcohol and chainsaws created what some consider an explicit carving" (video embedded below the fold with commentary, h/t Story Balloon):

Readers should listen closely about eleven seconds in when someone is heard stating, "a notice last week saying I have to remove the dick."

Here's a screencap of

Is this REALLY what the folks at CBS want to recommend to readers? 

For those interested, here's the original KNXV story:

CBS online
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