Letterman: Washington Rolls Over in Grave if Palin Elected President

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Letterman also took a swipe at Palin during his opening monologue.

David Letterman just can't keep his mind off Sarah Palin.

On Monday, the "Late Show" host used his Top Ten list to disparage the former governor of Alaska claiming that George Washington would roll over in his grave if Palin were elected president.

Never mind that she hasn't announced her candidacy or that the presidential election is more than two and a half years away.

Such inconvenient truths don't phase Letterman for in a list of the "Top Ten Things George Washington Would Say If He Were Alive Today," a woman the "Late Show" host probably never heard of two years ago actually came in second (video embedded below the fold with complete list, h/t Story Balloon):

10. "Thanks for using my birthday to sell mattresses."

9. " If you think Regis is crazy now, you should have seen him in college."

8. "What the hell is a Lady Gaga?"

7. "I Cannot tell a lie-both my taste buds and my wallet approve Subway's Five-Dollar Footlong."

6. "Racing elevators seems like a tremendous waste of valuable technology."

5. "Watch out-runaway Toyota!"

4. "The effects in ‘Avatar' are wonderful, but the plot is nothing."

3."Ever done it with a guy who's on Mt. Rushmore?"

2. "If you elect Sarah Palin, please let me know so I can roll over in my grave."

1. "I cannot tell a lie-this top ten list blows."

Well, at least Dave got the last one right! 

*****Update: Letterman also took a swipe at Palin during his opening monologue (at 4:20, h/t Story Balloon)...

You know who was at the Daytona 500? Sarah Palin, former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin. She was at the finish line and she waved her checkered-past.

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