ClimateGate Funnies: Gore Rap Battles Monckton Over G-Warming

Climate realists are painfully aware that Nobel Laureate Al Gore has repeatedly refused to debate the issue of anthropogenic global warming.

One of the skeptics that has regularly challenged Gore to a one-on-one is England's Lord Christopher Monckton.

So fearful of Monckton is the Nobel Laureate that he refused to appear at a Congressional hearing on climate change in April if the British Lord was present.

As a result, Monckton's invitation was disgracefully revoked by Democrats at the last minute.

With this in mind, the folks at The Juice Media have created a video wherein a mock Gore rap battles a mock Monckton over many key issues surrounding the global warming debate (video embedded below the fold):

Al Gore finally accepts Lord Monckton's challenge to a highly uncivilized debate over the issue of anthropogenic climate change, in a special extended edition of RapNews, as we count down to the Copenhagen Climate Conference - aka COP15.  

In the end, this video is sadly just as dismissive of Monckton as it is Gore. And, the conclusion is absurd.

However, parts of it are somewhat entertaining.

Those interested can find the lyrics here

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