John Cusack Drops An F-bomb On The 'Early Show'

Those that were eating Rice Krispies as they watched the CBS "Early Show" Thursday heard a lot more than snap, crackle and pop during Harry Smith's interview with movie star John Cusack.

Much like Rosie O'Donnell on last Friday's "Late Night," Cusack used the F-word as he discussed the 20th anniversary of his hit film "Say Anything."

Honestly, what is it about Hollywoodans that prevents them from governing their tongues when the situation calls for it (video embedded below the fold):

HARRY SMITH, HOST: Does it seem like 20 years ago already?

JOHN CUSACK: Some mornings, yeah I f**king feel a little older than others.

(Laughter from Smith).

Interestingly, Smith didn't miss a beat.

I guess that's America now, huh?

Certainly beats being urinated on by a beaver though!

Snap, f-bomb, pop -- Rice Krispies.

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