Bloomberg: Obama Hurting Democrat in Virginia Governor's Race

Barack Obama has been President for less than eight months, yet his policies are already having a negative impact on Democrats seeking office this year.

So said Bloomberg Wednesday in a piece entitled, "Corzine, Deeds Electoral Weakness Reflects Obama’s Lower Rating."

With a number of high-profile off-year elections scheduled for November, it will be fascinating to see how Obama-loving media spin Republican victories at the polls (h/t Chuck Todd):

Obama has been campaigning for both Governor Jon Corzine, 62, of New Jersey and Creigh Deeds, 51, a state senator running for governor in Virginia. The president's push for health care legislation and unprecedented federal spending on the worst financial crisis in 70 years has created headaches for his fellow Democrats, who both trail their opponents in the polls. [...]

In Virginia, the Obama effect is hurting Deeds among independents. A Washington Post poll conducted August 11 to 14 gives McDonnell a 54 to 39 percent lead over Deeds. In June a Survey USA poll gave McDonnell just a four-point edge.

Deeds campaign manager Joe Abbey said independents are switching in part because they are unhappy with Obama's policies on health care and spending.

"It's rough," said Abbey. "The White House has been very engaged since the second he became the nominee," said Abbey.

Exit question: if Corzine and Deeds lose in November, will media give any of the responsibility to Obama, or find another culprit?

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