Olbermann Responds to McCain's Charity Roasting by Bashing Palin

Keith Olbermann cowardly responded to the jokes John McCain made about him at Thursday's Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner by attacking Gov. Sarah Palin.

After showing some of the hysterical jibes made at the charity event by McCain and Barack Obama, the "Countdown" host on Friday picked up a microphone, and while doing an astoundingly poor impersonation of a nightclub comic, launched into a tremendously unfunny attack on both members of the Republican presidential ticket (video embedded right):

But seriously, Senator, I kid this man. I'm delighted to see you still watch me every night on Sportscenter.


But I gotta tell yah, it'll be a long night for MSNBC if you pull this off -- it'll be a long night for America, four years long. Huh? Huh?


Senator, I love yah. He thinks I'm going to be in a padded room? Well, why not? He also thinks he's going to be in an Oval Office. 


Well, you've been great, and I wanted to close out our time together with one last killer piece of material, but I couldn't think of a bigger joke than Sarah Palin. 

Wow. You're really a man's man, aren'tcha Keith? Is that the best you can do?

Of course, likely knowing how bad his material was, Olbermann and his crew added a laugh track. By contrast, the folks in attendance at Thursday's Dinner were indeed laughing at the jokes McCain made at Olbermann's expense.

As many of the guests were media members, it is clear that even people in his own industry view Olbermann as the biggest joke on television today.

The only question is when will the good folks at NBC realize how just how much this clown is damaging their brand?

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