Connie Chung Tells Feuding MSNBCers To 'Just Grow Up!'

The blow-up that is occurring on MSNBC is beginning to draw attention from media members including the former co-anchor of the "CBS Evening News" Connie Chung who advised those involved in the on air squabbles to "just grow up!"

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal published a recap of the skirmishes that NewsBusters has been reporting all week. 

In a piece entitled "MSNBC Anchors' Fights Go Live," the Journal's Rebecca Dana sought out Chung's opinion of what's going on at her former network (emphasis added, h/t TVNewser, photo courtesy WSJ):

"My reaction to that is: 'Grow up!' They have to just grow up," said Connie Chung, a former MSNBC host and former co-anchor of "CBS Evening News."

The Journal piece followed a similar article published by Variety Wednesday (emphasis added):

Robert Lichter, president of the nonprofit Center for Media and Public Affairs, said the incident is symptomatic of the transition MSNBC is undergoing. Grid ffin's decision to feature liberal views on primetime programming (vs. Fox's conservative views in the same period) is still fairly recent.

"So people on staff like Scarborough, who's politically in the other direction, are made unhappy," Lichter said. Ultimately, Scarborough may have to leave the channel. "The ground is shifting under his feet, and he's trying to keep his footing," Lichter added.

Yes, but that doesn't explain what's going on between Matthews and Olbermann who share the same liberal viewpoints. 

Moreover, both articles ignored Olbermann's history of feuding with employers and co-workers until he is either fired or forced to resign.

I wonder why.

*****Update: Our friend Johnny Dollar has more on the MSNBC blow-up.

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