GOP Will Work With Pres. Obama, Dems Will Block Pres. McCain

Warning: Unbelievable Bias Alert!

Something happened on Sunday's "The Chris Matthews Show" that was one of the strongest examples of liberal media bias I've seen since the press blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush.

In back to back segments, the twelve regulars on the program -- what the host refers to as "The Matthews Meter" -- almost unanimously agreed that if Barack Obama became President, Congressional Republicans would work with him to get his agenda passed.

By contrast, these same people felt Congressional Democrats would do everything possible to block policy initiatives of John McCain if he wins in November.

I must be kidding you, right? Well, here's Matthews with the first question posed:

Bottom line, we asked "The Matthews Meter," twelve of our regulars, "Would a President Obama get Congressional Republicans to make deals on his major initiatives in his first year?" Boy, do we have an optimistic group sitting around here. The whole meter group, 10 say yes, Obama will get bipartisan movement from the other side. Just two say no, he'll face roadblocks.

After the commercial break, the flipside was posed:

[McCain] says he'll work with anyone. But will anyone work with him. We asked "The Matthews Meter," twelve of our regulars, "Would President McCain meet stiff opposition from Democrats on Capitol Hill?" This is overwhelming. 11 say yes, McCain would face nasty head winds from Democrats. Just one says that he would get help.

Imagine the absurdity in this given McCain's decades of bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle, while there's absolutely no such precedent from Obama since he became Senator in 2005.

Is this what passes for journalism today? Honestly, there likely was more objectivity and impartiality at TASS before the Soviet Union collapsed.

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