Greta Takes on Anderson Cooper and his Executive Producer

Whether or not you like her program on Fox News, you gotta love Greta Van Susteren's spunk.

After all, even though it's Independence Day, the host of "On the Record" has taken the time to respond to the somewhat childish taunts of "Anderson Cooper 360's" executive producer David Doss who told TVNewser on Tuesday:

We're a news program — ["On the Record"] is not a news program. It's missing-person-of-the-day. There's an audience for that, but it's not what we do. We're covering the world, not just covering who's missing today.

Van Susteren wasn't taking this lying down (emphasis added, h/t TVNewser, picture courtesy FNC):

Not a news program?

Now why is he picking a fight? and why is trying to make less of us at 10pm ? Is it because we consistently beat them and have for years?

This is silly that the CNN executive producer of Anderson Cooper is taking a swipe at our hard work but I am going to defend my staff from what is intended to pretend our show is not news.

Yes, now let me KEEP THEM HONEST:

Let’s take a look at this…I asked someone to get me some information (I am busy at 10pm so do not get to watch their show.) What CNN is doing at ten? And how do they conduct themselves? Credibility or not?

To paraphrase MS/NBC’s Keith Olbermann, yes many in the news industry behind the scenes - even my friends at CNN - laugh about the fact that CNN’s 10pm show has been a “marketing experiment.” It has been rumored that in one year they spent about 27 million dollars in advertising of Anderson Cooper in their experiment. No network has ever spent that kind of money just to market one person. By the way, the President of CNN told me that Anderson Cooper has a staff of nearly 60. We beat them with our staff…of about 12.

How delicious. You go, girl!

Greta Van Susteren
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