Columnist: Sexism in Campaign from Liberal Blogs and Obama Supporters

Here's something you don't see every day: a female member of the media blaming the sexism and misogyny in the presidential campaign on liberal Democrats, liberal bloggers, and Barack Obama supporters.

Yet, that's what occurred Sunday morning when syndicated columnist Marie Cocco was invited on CNN's "Reliable Sources" to discuss the role sexism and misogyny have played in this election cycle.

Fasten those seatbelts tightly, for you're about to enter an alternate reality (picture courtesy Washington Post Writers Group):

Well, this is amplified on the Internet, which may not be the broadcast media, but, but it is part of the media of this campaign. And if you went to the Internet, you know we all know about the false Muslim e-mails that go around about Barack Obama. But if you ever saw the language, the vulgarity, the vitriol that is hurled at Hillary Clinton by liberal Democrats, by the liberal blogs, largely by, frankly, Obama supporters, you'd be appalled. I mean, you'd punish your children for this.

As it appears that sexism and misogyny are now going to be blamed for Hillary's failure, will media be as honest about the causes and the sources as Cocco?

Stay tuned.

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