AFP: McCain's Handwriting Shows He's Got a Volatile Temper

In today's "You've Got to be Kidding Me" segment, the presidential campaign is hotter than ever, and a major wire service began an article about the three candidates with the following:

Hillary Clinton is smart and forceful, John McCain is proud but has a volatile temper, and Barack Obama is a diplomat who deals well with different people and situations.

Did you get that? Let's review:

  • Clinton -- smart and forceful
  • McCain -- volatile temper
  • Obama -- diplomatic

See any bias here?

Apparently, that didn't worry Agence France-Presse in its article Sunday concerning what can be gleaned about the candidates by -- wait for it -- analyzing their handwriting (emphasis added):

"Handwriting is a reflection of the inner personality. It shows a person's ego strength, how good they feel about themselves, their intellectual, communication and working styles," graphologist Sheila Lowe, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis", told AFP. [...]

Republican John McCain's signature shows a proud, idealistic but impulsive, if not uncontrollable man, according to the experts.

Lowe saw impulsiveness and a "short fuse" in McCain's variable writing style.

New York graphologist Roger Rubin agreed, and also saw a powerful ego at play in the senator from Arizona.

"The unevenness of the rhythm reflects the unevenness of his temperament," Rubin said.

"The capital J is the largest letter, which shows his strong belief in his own ego. The size of 'John' overwhelms the size of 'McCain' -- this shows how distant he is from his family roots."

Get it, folks? McCain's volatile, impulsive, uncontrollable, uneven in temperament, and distant from his family roots.

Glowing praise.

Frankly, I've had enough of this nonsense. Those interested in what these "experts" felt about Clinton and Obama can do so on their own time.

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