John Gibson Calls Neal Gabler a ‘Lowlife’ and a ‘Coward’ for Kristol Remarks

As NewsBusters reported Saturday, Neal Gabler implied on FNC's "Fox News Watch" that he wanted the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol to go to Iraq and be killed so that he could attend the conservative writer's funeral.

On Monday, FNC's John Gibson took issue with Gabler's despicable comments during his radio program, calling Gabler a "lowlife," and "a coward" because "he will not come on the air to defend the things he says."

But that was just the beginning (audio available here courtesy our friend Johnny Dollar):

That lowlife appears on Fox. His name is Neal Gabler. He's a coward. He will not come on the air to defend the things he says. He knows that he has a free shot on the "Fox News Watch" with Eric Burns to say outrageous things like that. And he's gonna get away with it. Neal Gabler will not come on this program.

Media Matters will not cover that offensive thing he said. Media Matters will not call him to account for that absolutely low thing he said in which he seemed to call for Bill Kristol's death. Lara Logan does not go around Iraq, covering Iraq, without a bodyguard. Richard Engel of NBC News doesn't go around Iraq without a bodyguard. But Gabler suggests Bill Kristol go for a walk around Baghdad without a bodyguard assures us he will be killed. Probably true. Neal Gabler invites Bill Kristol to go get killed, and he will do him the favor of attending his funeral.

This is about as low and vicious and slimy and cowardly a thing anybody could say, especially if you won't later go defend it, which Neal Gabler won't, because he's a coward. He sits at home and writes these goofy little books like "The Life of Walt Disney," and spouts off like he was bathtub boy [Keith Olbermann]!

So let me count the ways: a Disney biographer is a hatchet-man for the left; a comedian is the left's favorite newscaster; runner-up is a third-rate sportscaster who somehow morphed into commentator on current history.

Bravo, John! That sums up the current liberal icons in the media quite well, thank you very much.

Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard
Noel Sheppard, Associate Editor of NewsBusters, passed away in March of 2014.