'Jena Six' Members Present Hip Hop Award on Black Entertainment Television

In an era of shocking things, this has to be one of the most shocking: at the Hip Hop Awards aired on Black Entertainment Television Thursday, two members of the 'Jena Six' were actually introduced to help present the Video of the Year honors to Kanye West.

There's some delicious irony, wouldn't you agree?

As you can see from this video, when the show's host, comedian Katt Williams, introduced Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis, they received thunderous applause from the crowd.

The Town Talk amazingly reported Friday (h/t NBer LionKing):

"By no means are we condoning a six-on-one beat-down," Williams said during his introduction of the teens, one of whom is still facing attempted murder charges in connection with the attack on white student Justin Barker. "... But the injustice perpetrated on these young men is straight criminal."

As Jones and Purvis walked onto the stage at the Atlanta Civic Center, where the awards show was filmed on Saturday, they were greeted by a standing ovation.

"They don't look so tough, do they?" Williams joked as the teens stepped up to the podium.

Both Jones and Purvis thanked a number of people, including family, friends, the "Hip-Hop Nation" and the thousands who came to their small hometown to rally behind their case.

Purvis said the Sept. 20 rally proved "our generation can unite and rally around a cause."

The teens assisted Williams in presenting the Video of the Year honor to Kanye West for "Stronger." Purvis handed the award to West, who in turn shook hands with both teens.

Just imagine if six white students beat a black student, and then two of them were allowed to present at the Country Music Awards.

Think that would generate some outrage?

*****Update: Bryan at Hot Air has more --

The two were feted, applauded, etc. And, unfortunately, it’s not shocking.

It’s nothing more than the kind of thing that Bill Cosby is out there railing against and taking flak for speaking out: Apologia for criminals, glorification of gangsta culture, and the rest. Celebrating the Jena 6 is part and parcel of that. Before this is over, the Jena 6 will probably join Mumia as cause celebres who don’t deserve the adulation that many misguided people will heap on them.

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