Reuters Headline: ‘Climate Change a Security Issue Like Cold War’

So, did you know that climate change is the biggest security challenge since the Cold War?

Hadn't heard that?

Well, you're just not reading the finer alarmist wire services!

As extraordinarily reported by Reuters Tuesday (emphasis added):

Climate change is the biggest security challenge since the Cold War but people have not woken up to the risks nor to easy solutions such as saving energy at home, experts said on Tuesday.

"We're not yet collectively grasping the scale of what we need to do," British climate change ambassador John Ashton told a seminar of 40 scientists and officials from 13 nations in Ny Alesund, Norway, about 1,200 km (750 miles) from the North Pole.

He said global warming should be recast as a security issue, such as war or terrorism, to help mobilise support for tougher global action to cut emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

You think if soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore starts calling this the war on climate change John Edwards will say it's just a bumper sticker slogan?

Nah, I don't either.

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