CBS Top Brass Not Totally Sold on Katie Couric as "Evening News" Anchor

Although an offer is rumored to be imminent, there appears to be an upper management split at CBS concerning the hiring of Katie Couric as anchor for the “Evening News.” According to Drudge, even though CBS President Les Moonves is “convinced Katie Couric is the right person for the job,” this is “despite warnings from top management that the move could have lackluster results.”

What makes them feel this way? “Nervous executives at CBS have been examining tapes of Couric from August 2001 -- and nitpicking her performance -- when she substituted for a vacationing Tom Brokaw.”

Apparently, their findings weren’t very positive:

“‘Politely put, it's just not there,’ warned a top CBS suit, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“‘Look, why do you think NBC passed her over for Brian Williams? They can say she was worth more to them in the mornings, but I really think it came down to how she came off in the [anchor] chair.

“‘She is not identified with CBS, and she is not identified with 'news'... it will be an uphill challenge for her here. Maybe Les will have her doing the news on a couch.’"

This person wasn’t alone in his views:

“‘Look we are only 600,000 viewers away from catching and passing ABC, I maintain now is not the time for this,’ explained one executive, who would work daily with Couric if she made the move.

“‘I am not being sexist here,’ said a third Couric detractor at CBS NEWS, who also spoke on condition he not be named. ‘I am looking at all of this with a very open mind. But I am worried.’"

So am I. Coffee just won’t taste the same in the morning without Katie.

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