ABC and NBC Ignore DeLay Ruling During Their Evening News Broadcasts

Former Republican house majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) had a large victory in court yesterday, but ABC and NBC didn’t think it was important enough to include in their evening news broadcasts.

As reported by the Washington Post: "Former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) won an early round in his money-laundering and conspiracy trial Tuesday by getting a judge aligned with Democratic candidates and causes removed from the case."

Yet, even though the announcement of DeLay’s indictment on September 28 was headline news, neither ABC nor NBC thought that this legal victory for the former majority leader warranted informing their evening news viewers. 

Instead, the “NBC Nightly News” found time to do a piece on Prince Charles’ visit to New York City, along with an in-depth look at the horrors of cell phones being used in America’s national parks.

And, ABC’s “World News Tonight” had the time to start a new series on the evils of smoking, air a segment about the new documentary on Wal-Mart, and, of course, Prince Charles’ visit to New York City.

One has to wonder if these networks would have covered the story if DeLay had lost this motion.

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