Bozell, Varney Discuss Virtual Media Blackout on 'Vicious' Attack on Marine by 'Black Lives Matter' Backers

"These networks that have been covering Black Lives Matter with dozens, hundreds of mentions, making it a national news story, suddenly they're nowhere to be found!" observed NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell on today's edition of Fox Business Network's Varney & Co.

Bozell was referring to the February 12 beating at a Washington, D.C., McDonalds, where a bunch of teenage thugs assaulted a U.S. Marine while citing inspiration from the Black Lives Matter movement. That brutal attack, caught on security tape, has since been virtually ignored by the liberal broadcast and cable networks. 

What's more, "[w]ithin two days" after the attack, President Obama "reached out" to a Black Lives Matter leader in a White House meeting "and praised him days after this beating of the Marine, and still no mention in the popular press. None," observed FBN anchor Stuart Varney.  

"Now, do you think that" President Obama would "invite this decorated war hero to the White House?" Bozell responded. "Not on your life," Bozell noted, adding that it just so happens that, "earlier this month, that same war hero applied for a position at the Media Research Center."

"I will say on national television, Sgt. Marquez, you're more than welcome to come [work for the MRC]," Bozell, who himself has a son serving in the Marine Corps, announced.



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