MRC's Brent Bozell on Missing IRS E-Mails: 'At What Point Will The News Media Decide That This is News?'

MRC president Brent Bozell appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News Thursday night, expressing amazement at the suppression of new details in the IRS scandal. “We have been reporting on the lack of reporting. And the lack of reporting is in full throttle,” he said.

Megyn Kelly suggested “the first big piece of news was in this report on Friday. The IRS tried to bury it in this 27-page report. But they revealed that they were missing two years of Lois Lerner's e-mails and other documents. What kind of coverage did that get?” (Video below)


BOZELL: Let's put this in perspective. Nobody believes that story. Absolutely nobody believes that story. Everybody believes there is something very bad that went on there. How do they cover it? CBS morning gave it a story. And CBS evening news, no coverage. ABC morning, no coverage. ABC evening news, no coverage. NBC Today show, no coverage. NBC nightly news, no coverage.

KELLY: Wow, not mention. Did they get to it this week? I mean this Friday, you know, they buried it. But my Monday, it was everywhere.

BOZELL: No. They didn't get it to this week. And then you learned yesterday that the hard drives have disappeared as well.

KELLY: Now, no more hard drives and they have been wiped clean.

BOZELL: Right. So, the level of disbelief has now been doubled or quadrupled. So, what's the coverage? We looked this morning, nothing. Tonight, nothing. This is a cover-up. And you have to ask yourself, Megyn, at what point will the news media decide, at what point will the news media decides that that this is news?

Bozell was disgusted that the networks can’t find an investigative reporter to do these scandal stories. In fact, the investigative reporters like Sharyl Attkisson at CBS and Lisa Myers at NBC have left their jobs.

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