MRC's Brent Bozell Slams Media for Dropping VA Scandal Post-Shinseki Resignation

NBC's Brian Williams failing to bring up the VA scandal in his D-Day interview with President Obama was more than a simple "omission," Media Research Center president Brent Bozell told Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto this afternoon on his Your World program.

"This was deliberate. There is no way on God's good Earth that NBC didn't feel obligated to bring it up but chose not to bring it up," Bozell noted, adding that it fits a larger pattern the liberal media have of making unfavorable-to-Obama storylines disappear from sight [watch the interview in its totality below the page break]:

But look, it's no different than the coverage of Bergdahl. This has diappeared. Benghazi disappeared. The IRS, disappeared. Fast and Furious, disappeared.Stimulus abuses, disappeared. All these scandals are disappearing on purpose.

Do you know, Neil, I don't think that you folks at Fox realize this. You're the only ones talking about this right now! The big networks have all decided they're not going to cover this.

The Washington Post was the one that broke the story today about the 47,000 veterans -- these are our best people in the world -- who are waiting to get treated. I guarantee you that won't be covered tonight.

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