Brent Bozell Tells Megyn Kelly About TV's Obamacare Omission: 'CBS Is the Least Awful, But They're Still Awful'

MRC president Brent Bozell appeared Thursday night (as he often does) on “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel. The subject was this week’s MRC studies on Obamacare – the Rich Noyes study on the under-coverage of Obamacare, and the Geoffrey Dickens study on all the victims who’ve been ignored.

Brent touched on how only CBS did one Saturday story on a four-year-old who was denied care under Obama’s alleged “signature achievement.” But he professed amazement about how a program so ambitious that the networks called it a “landmark” and “historic” when it passed is now getting buried by Brian, Diane, and Scott: [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

BOZELL: Obamacare, one could argue when you nationalize one-sixth of the American economy, you're talking about the biggest domestic policy issue since arguably The New Deal of FDR. So what kind of coverage did they give this domestic policy issue in our lifetime? Between January 1st and March 24th, we looked at every single story on ABC, NBC, and CBS, believe it or not, the total amount of time devoted by ABC, NBC, and CBS to this story was .72% of their air time, less than three-quarters of one percent of air time they spent reporting on quote-unquote “news” was reporting on the results of Obamacare.

When Brent laid out the astonishingly small amount of evening news coverage on the networks – just over five minutes on NBC, just under seven minutes on ABC, and a little more than 19 minutes on CBS – Kelly asked “Do you have an opinion in general of those three networks, which one you feel is the most fair and which one you feel is the least fair?”

He said “Well, I don't think any of them are being fair at all. CBS is the least awful, but they're still awful.”