Open Thread Wednesday

Feel free to comment on the declining forecast for Obamacare today. NPR's Diane Rehm show website featured one liberal commenter who could not keep her view of democracy straight.

First, didn't everyone know 75 percent of Americans favored single-payer socialism?

LetsGetReal:  Poll after poll after poll shows that 70% to 75 % of the electorate wants single payer. If the US were a true democracy it would now have single payer. Instead, politicians owned by the insurance industry made sure single payer was kept off the table.

Representative democracy is broken and obsolete, Congress anyone?. There is no excuse why voters can't all vote directly on any issue on their computers where they can and do already pay their taxes. Cut out the middle(wo)men, the members of Congress who vote on behalf of whatever industry they happen to be in the pocket of.

When a conservative shot back that we didn't need a "true socialist state," then democracy currently stinks:

LetsGetReal:  Thanks for the illustrative reply. It reminds why the US is not quite ready for direct democracy which requires educated, literate and intelligent voters. Too thin on the ground in a nation where almost half the population believes their god created humans in their present form in the last 10,000 years and most believe democracy means being allowed to vote for a blow-dried puppet, product of PR/advertising/focus group, who, once in power dances to the tune of the prerogatives of the 1%.

NB Staff
NB Staff