MRC's Tim Graham: If Time Gives Miley Cyrus 'Person of the Year,' They Should Just Shut Down

Neil Cavuto of the Fox Business Channel brought on MRC’s Tim Graham last night to discuss the sad fact that Miley Cyrus is leading Time’s online poll for Person of the Year. Cavuto said it’s a done deal. “I am here to tell you, Tim, confirm this is going to be the end of civilization as we know it, she will be.”

“If they’re going to do that, it ought to be more controversial than them putting Saddam on the cover, or the Ayatollah Khomeni,” Graham shot back. (Video below)

GRAHAM: Those guys actually did something [newsworthy] other than shake their butt on MTV. I mean, this is a disgrace.

CAVUTO: You can give her high marks for going from a clean – squeaky clean – career, from being all things you know, nice to all things, maybe, not so nice. So maybe that’s a career shift that’s worth noting.

GRAHAM: No, I give her the total thumbs down on that. That’s exactly what’s wrong. That's exactly what is wrong with our society, that they think that this person -- I think you could argue, went on MTV to make a complete disgrace of herself on purpose alongside MTV, she’s gone on to do that on other awards shows, and she's become America's number one clown.

Cavuto said Time could look at the online votes and say “she has this by a country mile, we have to give it to her.” Graham said then they should just surrender the “news” magazine racket.

“Stop publishing a print magazine! Just give up! You know, we’re seeing the death rattle of these news magazines. Pay no attention to Newsweek trying to come back from the dead like a zombie episode. This is, it's just a disgrace. I mean, it’s true that people really don't look at Time for much of anything anymore. This is only going to double and triple that.”

PS: Saddam Hussein hasn’t been a Person of the Year (he was a runner-up in 1990, when they picked a two-faced George H.W. Bush for the cover).

NB Staff
NB Staff