Video: NB's Hadro Mentioned on FNC's Fox News Watch

During a discussion on the June 29 Fox News Watch about the liberal media's biased coverage of the close of the Supreme Court's term, panelist Jim Pinkerton cited research by NewsBusters writer and Media Research Center news analyst Matt Hadro. as to the sheer imbalance in how the media presented the sides of the gay marriage and Votings Rights Act cases.

The relevant transcript and video follow the page break:


JIM PINKERTON, former Newsday columnist: And we're working over MSNBC, let's also mention CNN. Matt Hadro, the Media Research Center counted up the guests on CNN talking about the case and the voting rights decision was four to one in favor, er against the decision and on the DOMA decision, it was three to one the other way.  So, in other words, the bias here is pretty thick. And not only intuitive, but also -- you can document it with facts and figures.

JOE CONCHA, Mediaite contributor: Let's look at numbers, yeah. Speaking of facts and figures. Pew has a new study out that showed that from a 5 to 1 ratio, stories were positive in terms of favoring gay marriage as opposed to opposing. OK. There is a lot of momentum behind the movement, that's fine. But then if you look at public polling, CNN just did a poll. Fifty-three percent of the country favors gay marriage. Not five to one, yet if you look at the coverage compared to the polls and the public sentiment, a big difference there, Jon.

CNN pushed a liberal line on the close of the Supreme Court's term in June.

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