On Fox Business, MRC's Tim Graham Says Obama Team's Rosen Probe Caused Liberal Media to 'Rally Around Fox News'

MRC director of media analysis Tim Graham appeared Thursday on the Fox Business program "Varney & Co." to discuss whether the Obama scandals were going to turn the media elites around on Barack Obama. Graham said this is a temporary rough patch. But he said his cynical side was surprised that other reporters embraced Fox News reporter James Rosen after the Obama administration conducted surveillance of his phone calls.

Graham said, "The Obama administration did something backwards here, because what that [Rosen surveillance] story does is cause the rest of the entire media, the liberal media, to rally around Fox News. So that’s not the kind of day they want to have."

Varney asked if this focus on Obama scandals is going to harm the implementation of Obama’s agenda, especially Obamacare. Graham said that since Obamacare passed in 2010, the topic has gone ignored, especially in 2012.

Now that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is pressuring private companies to donate for advertising and promotion for Obamacare, that is a scandal yet to catch on. "That’s not a scandal that’s made the Obama scandal list yet for most of the media," Graham said. "We’ll see, but the news hasn’t been good [for Obamacare]. They’re just not telling it."


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