Lefties Plot Strategy To Neutralize Muslim Terrorism Bad News


With their "right-wing, homegrown" terrorism theory shredded to bits, it's been a tough day for our "progressive" friends. But that doesn't mean it's a time for sobbing in their carrot juice smoothies.

Instead, lefties are busy plotting a strategy to mitigate damage and somehow shift blame back to conservatives.

During today's Stephanie Miller Show, guest David Shuster (formerly of NBC) and Miller's regular entourage focused on hoped-for "conservatives saying crazy things" as well as potential damage to their pro-illegal alien amnesty and gun-grabbing agendas.

From the program:




JOHN FUGELSANG (19 April 2013): Liberals have got to be the sane ones here because we know that conservatives are going to be saying crazy things because they are of Muslim decent. So, it’s a good time for progressives to keep their heads on straight.


DAVID SHUSTER (19:34): I can give you an update on stupidity from the right we have now Senator Chuck Grassley who has made an official statement from the Senate Judicial Committee saying this should give us pause regarding out immigration issues and we need to understand how it was that these guys got into the United States and were able to plan this.

JOHN FUGELSANG: Right, David I’m sorry so in other words Grassley is saying you can’t judge all gun owners by the behaviors of a few misbehaving gun owners, but we should revisit the policies of all immigrant students based on the behavior of these. 

DAVID SHUSTER: That’s about right.


Luckily for "progressives", there won't be any crazy commentary from the left to worry about, right?