Lefty Admits: Bombing Doesn't Fit 'Right-Wing' Mindset!


While we sift through conflicting reports of a Boston terrorism suspect's arrest, it's interesting to note a rare exception to the media's "right-wing" blame game. Frankly, the source is unexpected: the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center.

During yesterday's Ed Schultz Show, the SPLC's Mark Potok strayed far from standard-issue "progressive" talking points, leading to this conclusion:




MARK POTOK (Southern Poverty Law Center) (16 APRIL 2013): You know, I've never seen anything like THIS from the radical right, you know, bombs simply in the middle of random crowds. I mean, look, I mean, I don't have any particular feeling about where this may have come from, but you know, maybe it's worth thinking about the target a little bit.

I mean, one thing that the targets were not was the government, the IRS, yesterday was tax day. It was not a minority group, it wasn't black people, Jewish people, gay people, Muslims, that kind of thing. So, it's not terribly obvious what the perpetrator hoped to accomplish if in fact it was an ideological bomber. It seems to me the only thing that really ties all of the victims together is they were Americans.


Of course, Potok kept safely within far-left boundaries with his ridiculous "black people, Jewish people, gay people, Muslims" rhetoric. But even this partial deviation from the left's Smear Machine is worth noting for its rarity.