Geraldo Okay With Daughters In Same Room As Creepy Anthony Weiner


What's behind Geraldo Rivera's increasingly-bizarre, even deranged rants? Perhaps delayed-onset brain damage from that chair attack twenty-five years ago?

Just last week, he accused our military of promoting "hysteria" over the (quite real) North Korean nuclear threat to supposedly justify increased defense spending. Then, in a (racist?!?!?!) tirade, Rivera slammed nearly every resident of New Orleans as part of a "vast urban wasteland". Thankfully, he was kind enough to exclude the French Quarter.

Next, he ran defense for Obama over the now-infamous Jay-Z / Beyonce Laws-Are-For-The-Little-People Cuba jaunt, praising the low-information icons for exposing Castro Regime victims to "the good life".

And now, even Rivera's own daughters (he has three by different women) are apparently free to be exploited for the benefit of creepy Democrat Anthony Weiner's political comeback (which Geraldo supports). 


From yesterday's radio program:

CALLER (11 April 2013) [regarding Anthony Weiner political comeback]: You're dealing with a pervert here! Would you let your daughter in a room with this creep?
GERALDO RIVERA: Well, [chuckles] I think I might.



Given that Gerald Riviera's daughters are relatively young, this is especially disturbing. To his baby mamas: lock up the girls!

Even more alarming: Geraldo's rapid mental decline. So much for 70 as the new 40.