Bozell, Hannity Discuss How Media Are Ignoring Left-wing Inspiration of Cop Killer Dorner

While ultimately only cop-killer Christopher Dorner is responsible for his crimes, the liberal media's deliberate papering over of the left-wing views that inspired him is telling, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted on the February 7 edition of Fox News Channel's Hannity program.

When you read Dorner's manifesto, it's clear that "[y]ou've got a direct association of liberal luminaries with this killer. This in no way is to suggest that" any of them should be held responsible for Dorner's murders, Bozell cautioned, but, that being said, "how in the world do you put that alongside the pattern of these reporters on the Left who have connected the dots to conservatives in previous killings when there was no connection to conservatives?" [watch segment video below page break]

Fox News host Sean Hannity then recalled the July 20, 2012 Good Morning America where investigative reporter Brian Ross noted that there was a Jim Holmes on a Tea Party website, suggesting that the Aurora theater shooting may be a conservative.

"The key words in that [Ross] piece were, we don't know. We didn't know. But even if that were true, what difference does it make?" Bozell argued. Alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner's manifesto makes pretty clear his liberal views and his praise of liberal politicians and media type, but that doesn't mean liberal journalists share any responsibility for his heinous acts, the Media Research Center founder noted. That said, "where the apologies" to conservatives for prior incidents in which the media suggested conservatives were to blame for inspiring violence.

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