Brent Bozell Hammers Juan Williams on Hannity: When Will We Get Serious on Spending?

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell appeared on Hannity on Thursday night to debate the “fiscal cliff” morass with liberal Fox analyst Juan Williams.

"The issue has been, will continue to be, spending. And that's what no one wants to talk about," Bozell insisted. He hammered away at the idea that politicians speak in vague terms about cuts, but nothing ever gets reduced. "This is insanity. Someone has got to have the backbone to come up with specific cuts."  (Videos below)

Appearing as the head of the group of For America, Bozell said to Williams: "Now give me a specific. We've got $3.6 trillion in spending. That's $1.1 trillion above what we can afford. What of the $1.1 trillion has the President recommended we stop spending money on?"

Williams suggested the president has suggested he would compromise on a less generous “cost of living adjustment,” the so-called “chain CPI,” and changing the eligibility age for Medicare. Staunch liberals are dead set against both of those proposals, even though the media don’t focus on liberal refusals to compromise.

Bozell again hit both parties for failing to get serious on spending. "But no one has got the guts to do what everyone campaigned on. Everyone campaigned on 'restoring fiscal sanity,' and blah, blah, blah. No one's got the guts to do it," Bozell stated.

Then there's a second segment: