Media Mash: CNN's Romans Pushes 'Buffett Rule'; There's No Appeasing Chris Matthews

"Greece has got a 45 percent income tax, a 23 percent value-added tax on top of that, so Greece should be in fine shape according to this economic theory," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell told Fox News's Sean Hannity on Friday, reacting to a clip of CNN's Christine Romans insisting that "serious economists" all agree that taxes must be raised on America's highest income earners.

"This is a press release by the Obama campaign," Bozell complained, adding that "cutting the size of government... capping spending" and "cutting the deficit" are options that are "off the table, not just with Obama, but with CNN."

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Also discussed on Friday's "Media Mash" segment was how MSNBC's Chris Matthews insisted that Texas Gov. Rick Perry accused President Obama of "pro-Nazi behavior" because he argued that Obama had "appeased the Arab Street at the expense of our own national security interests."

"Sean, somebody medicate this man quick," an amused Bozell quipped, noting that Matthews himself has used the word "appeased" in domestic political stories:

BOZELL: Who said in July, "Will John Boehner try to appease the Tea Party?" and who said last December, "Will Barack Obama try to appease the angry Left?"

HANNITY: Chris Matthews.

BOZELL: Chris Matthews. There ya go.

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