'Fox News Watch' Cites NewsBusters Report About MSNBC Prime Time Ignoring Solyndra Scandal

As NewsBusters reported Friday, despite the growing scandal involving solar panel company Solyndra and President Obama being sixteen days old, the prime time programs of MSNBC have not said a single word about the matter.

When "Fox News Watch" discussed the media coverage of this issue Saturday, the "American Conservative's" Jim Pinkerton noted our findings (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JIM PINKERTON: Well, the e-mails as I think Brian Ross at ABC pointed out actually say, OMB saying, “This is a bad idea, don't do it.” And the Washington Post reported that Solyndra executives visited the West Wing - not just the White House, but the West Wing - 20 times, 2-0 times. And this would be quite a story except as Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters pointed out MSNBC prime time has never touched it once.

For the record, the silence on this issue has now gone to seventeen days without a single mention on an MSNBC prime time program.

Could their allegiance to the President be made any more obvious?

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