MRC's Graham Hits Media Over-Hype of 'Hurricane' Irene

Tim Graham, the Media Research Center's Director of Media Analysis, appeared on the Fox Business Channel, Monday, to discuss the media's hyperbolic coverage of "Hurricane" Irene.
Graham asserted, "Well, I don't think there's any doubt that the media are interested in trying to cover this 24/7 and it's a little hard to sell it as tropical storm coverage for hours and hours." Speaking of Al Sharpton's political hyping of the storm, Graham quipped, "He is not a meteorologist."

[See video below.]

He added, "There's no doubt that there was, you know, a lot of commercial reason to hype this thing as a hurricane. And as you suggest from Katrina, they have become politicized events as well."

A hurricane must reach winds of 74 miles an hour to qualify as catagory one . Irene only managed, for example, winds of 56 and 71 MPH (in Philadelphia and Cape May, New Jersey).

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