Open Thread: The Fate of Muammar Gadhafi

Last night, following the rebel capture of one of Col. Muammar Gadhafi's sons, the one-time heir apparent, and the surrender of another of his sons, massive celebrations erupted in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Rumors also swirled on the fate of Gadhafi, some saying he had been shot, captured, or escaped to Algeria.

As a rebel spokesman told the Washington Times of the uprising in Tripoli, "Gadhafi's troops just melted away. They left their uniforms in the streets and slipped into civilian gear...We were very surprised by the little resistance. It remains to be seen if Gadhafi has anything up his sleeve, but I think it is over." What do you think is the fate of Gadhafi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

According to the Washington Times, which spoke with a number of Libyan rebels,

Earlier Sunday, rebels advanced on Tripoli from the west and east, while “sleeper cells” in the capital rose up and seized control of neighborhoods throughout the city.

The Obama administration predicted Col. Gadhafi ’s days are “numbered,” while European leaders called for him to surrender. NATO continued strikes against key targets and said the regime is “crumbling.”

Col. Gadhafi , who has resisted the rebellion for six months, appeared on state television to rally supporters. He claimed he was still in Tripoli and vowed to fight until the end. [...]

In the heart of the capital, Col. Gadhafi ’s stronghold for months, neighborhoods fell into rebel control in rapid succession.

Rebel sources told The Times that they controlled most of Tripoli by Sunday night. Souk al-Juma, Mansoura, Dahra and Al Sreem neighborhoods near downtown Tripoli were all under rebel control.

Do you think the rebellion forces are in the clear in Libya? Where do you think Gadhafi is?

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