Open Thread: Could the Senate Pass Cut, Cap, and Balance?

After the House passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance act Tuesday evening with the support of five Democrats, Sen. Jim DeMint is circulating a Club for Growth video with 20 prominent Democrat senators previously announcing support for a balanced budget amendment in hopes of swaying their votes this weekend.

Do you think any of these Democrats will maintain support for such an amendment? Check out the video after the break, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The video, which includes the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Sen. Harry Reid, is meant to prove the bipartisan support behind a balanced budget amendment.

According to ABC, while the chances are slim that the Senate would pass the bill, Senate Republicans are still looking forward to debating it.

The Senate will hold a cloture vote on the motion to proceed this Saturday on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act which the House of Representatives passed last night.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV., announced on the Senate floor this evening that the vote will occur on Saturday morning, but that he still “hopes” that a deal could be worked out to vote sooner. [...]

Senate Minority Leader McConnell, R-KY., took to the floor immediately after and said that he welcomes a debate over Cut, Cap and Balance and that he is looking forward to a Saturday vote.

Do you think any of these Senate Democrats will hold their promises? Or do you think that their past vocal support was insincere? If Cut, Cap, and Balance did pass the Senate, do you think President Obama would sign it into law?

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