Open Thread: New Video Asks Students to Apply Affirmative Action to Basketball Team

The three college students behind Exposing Leftists, who have previously garnered attention for their GPA redistribution campaign, have released another video asking students to sign a petition to support affirmative action in athletics.

Check out their video after the break, and let us know what you think in the comments.

As the video's description explains:

Many students support affirmative action, in an effort to promote diversity. They argue that race-based preferences "level the playing field" for disadvantaged minorities. However, these same students refused to sign our petition to apply such policies to the basketball team. At UC Riverside -- where the video was filmed -- 10/11 active players on the team are African American. Why not use affirmative action to promote diversity there?

Watch as students enthusiastically support affirmative action in academics, but refuse to apply the same logic to create racial diversity in athletics.

What are your thoughts?

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