Media Mash: Death of bin Laden Edition; Bozell Hits 'Idiot' Joy Behar

Appearing on the May 06 edition of Hannity, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell indicted the media's coverage of Osama bin Laden's death, including comments made by "idiot" Joy Behar, co-host of The View.

The NewsBusters publisher derided journalists who have ignored George W. Bush's role in killing the terrorist: "But my God where were they when George Bush won us the war in Iraq? Why wouldn't they praise in him? And why can't they give him the most minimal praise? It is because of this man's techniques that they condemned all these years, because of those techniques that that man is dead today."    

According to Behar, instead of inhanced interrogations on terrorists, it's possible "a six million dollar book deal would have worked just as well."

PBS looked to Jeremy Scahill of The Nation for reaction to bin Laden's death. Speaking of the American public, he complained, "I think that quite frankly, it is idiotic to treat these kinds of international events like sporting events. You know, like it is the World Cup that we are cheering for here."

After a clip of Scahill played, Bozell critiqued:

BOZELL: That clip is a great example as to why it is an outrage that the American taxpayer is being forced to fund PBS. It's a great example of why it is an outrage that this is happening. I understand something, Sean, the far left is not happy that Usama Bin Laden is dead. And if the national news media had any guts they would report this. They've report that Michael Moore is out there claiming that Obama executed Bin Laden without a trial. Mike Malloy, the radio talk show host is going his show saying, he wished that those Navy SEAL people had taken out President George Bush had killed him.

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