It's Official: Couric Leaving CBS Anchor Chair; Scott Pelley Heir Apparent Reports NY Daily News

It's now official.

Katie Couric is leaving the HMS "Evening News" on a life raft, having skillfully piloted the newscast to lower ratings depths during her time at the helm.

Equally liberal "60 Minutes" co-host Scott Pelley will likely take the conn, the New York Daily News is reporting:

Katie Couric is officially leaving the "CBS Evening News," and in the process opened the door for CBS officials to name Scott Pelley the new anchor.


Pelley's announcement is expected next week, though that could change.


After a couple of weeks of dancing around the issue in interviews promoting her book, Couric confirmed to People magazine that she will leave the flagship CBS newscast for greener pastures.


Where those pastures are, however, she's yet to reveal.


"I have decided to step down from the 'CBS Evening News,'" Couric told the magazine.


She said, as she has before, she was proud of the work they had done together on the "Evening News" in the past five years, as well as her work on "60 Minutes" and "CBS Sunday Morning."


"In making the decision to move on, I know the 'Evening News' will be in great hands," she said, "but I am excited about the future."


"There's a lot to be proud of during her time at the 'CBS Evening News.'" a CBS News spokeswoman. "CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter."

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