Bozell Discusses Media's Persistent Attack on Tea Party Candidates with FBN's Stuart Varney

"This is what we are to expect, and it's going to get worse between now and November."

That's how NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacted this morning on Fox Business Network's "Varney & Company" to the media's drumbeat of criticism regarding Tea Party-backed Republican nominees for office this November.

Bozell agreed with host Stuart Varney that the media are incessantly bashing Tea Party favorites like Delaware's Christine O'Donnell because they have to change the subject from the demonstrable failures of Obamanomics [MP3 audio available here; WMV video for download here]:

The other side can't defend itself. They can't defend their agenda. They haven't been able to defend their principles for years, because their ideas have been tested, they've all failed. The Great Society has all failed. They can't defend this lurch into socialism. And now the numbers are coming back and the numbers are horrific. So they can do one of two things: acknowledge that they're wrong or demonize the opposition to the extent that the opposition will be seen less favorably than they [are].

NB Staff
NB Staff