NewsBusters 5th Anniversary: A Look Back at Some of Our Top Posts on Embarrassing the Media

As our readers know, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of NewsBusters we have started a weekly Five for Five feature to list the blog's top twenty five posts, starting with the top five media flubs caught by NewsBusters. Today we continue with the top five posts embarrassing the media.

As part of the anniversary celebration, we have picked out a couple posts from each of the five categories and asked the authors to reflect back on writing them up. In this series of short videos, they share their thoughts on how they caught the particular media moment and describe the impact their post had.

We continue our video look back by reflecting on two of top posts embarrassing the media: "Rick Sanchez: 'Too Cold' in Iceland 'To Have a Volcano There'" by Matthew Balan and "Global Warming Scare On Today, Vieira Frets: 'Are We All Gonna Die?'" by Geoffrey Dickens.

Check out the video of NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein and Scott Whitlock remembering top media flubs here. 

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